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Agile contracting a real challenge! 9 października 2013

Zapraszamy na kolejne spotkanie trójmiejskiej grupy Agile:

  • Temat: Agile contracting a real challenge!
  • Data: 9.10.2013, start o godzinie 18:00
  • Miejsce: Klub Atelier, al. Mamuszki 2, Sopot

Gościem spotkania będzie Peter Horsten z firmy Goyello, który podzieli się z nami swoimi doświadczeniami w tworzeniu zwinnych kontraktów na podstawie projektu dla SKOK Ubezpieczenia.

Working in an Agile way is the new trend. Everybody wants to work Agile. Implementing an Agile way of working inside your own company is quite hard. Requesting your client to work Agile is sometimes a real challenge. Due to for example a lack of trust or little experience with Agile projects, it is hard to agree about the budget. The client in general wants to agree upfront about the project specifications whereas in Agile we embrace change. This challenge we face on a daily basis and for a rather big project for SKOK Ubezpieczenia we designed an Agile contract. During the Agile3M meeting I will share our lessons learned.

Peter Horsten

Peter Horsten

Peter Horsten is Co-founder of Goyello, an Agile Software development house. In 2009 he stimulated the Goyello team to gradually move towards an Agile way of working, based on Scrum.

Peter is both a sociologist and an electrotechnical engineer. A great combination that stimulates him to look for working solutions. He loves cooking, biking, running and digital photography.

Co-founder of GENE, the Gdansk Entrepreneurial Network. Curator of StartupDigest Gdansk.